KEYBOARD WARRIOR is a game made for Ludum Dare 41. The theme was “Combine two non combinable genres” and I tried mixing a roguelike with a typing game. No library / Framework was used.


Bob (cool guy once you get to meet him btw) used to be a keyboard warrior when he was 13. Now he uses his typing skills to combat all evil that has inhabited our WWW (whole wide world). Who would’ve expected him to save the the world? I didn’t. Let’s see how good he is with his fingers; I mean keyboard.  
Share your score or tweet them at me! I'd like share them :) (@croewens).

Shoot: Click or hold given letter on screen  
Move: ZQSD / WASD  
Look around: Use mouse  
Keyboard layout: Enter  
On start / On death: X 
VGA Typewriter font
Keyboard/Controller keys


  • Intro & outro screen fix
  • Killcounter on enemy instead of player
  • Heavily improved fps
  • Enemies can't spawn next to you


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It took me a long time even to play your game.

I have an extension (vimium) that took keyboard control from the site. Vimium has the command x which closes the current tab so I couldn't even start your game without the tab exiting.

And when I got vimium to disable itself on sites it then turned out that vimium counted your game as being part of a site called so I still couldn't play your game until I finally found out that bit of information. 

AND THEN IT CONTINUES... turns out firefox has this "feature" called "search when I type" which was putting me into the CTRL+F mode when I tried playing your game. So I had to google how to disable that.

Anyways nice little game. only thing I have to complain about is it was getting monstrously laggy after a while. I guess they were being spawned off screen? only reason I say that is cause I cleared the area I was in then moved down and the screen was thick with them.

OH also btw. I was also gonna enter LDjam/compo for the first time when THE DAY BEFORE THE EVENT STARTED my windows 10 became corrupted and I had to spend my time (6 days at least) going through not just a restore but a full reset where I had to backup half my drive reset windows partition restore update reinstall copy gigabytes of daytah only to come back and see the wonderful submissions that I don't think I have a hope of nearing in quality..... anyways I'm all good hbu?